What is a City Group?

City Groups are smaller groups that meet throughout the week. They exist to create room for healthy relationships and take us from our large Sunday gatherings into circles of friends in homes, living life together. Usually, this time is simply us learning from the Bible and praying together.

When and where are they?


Syracuse St.

Sundays • 6pm
The Barbers

8th & Eudora

Tuesdays • 7pm
The Hunts


Wednesdays • 6:30pm
The Hans

South Cheeseman Park

Wednesdays • 7pm
The Crouses

Hale Pkwy.

Wednesdays • 7pm
The Polleys

8th & Holly

Thursdays • 6pm
The Garfields

Jasmine St.

Thursdays • 6pm
The Hathaways

Colfax & Holly

Thursdays • 7pm
The Pashas


Why should you come?

You should come because it is a place for you to know people and be known by people. In a vast city like Denver, it's easy to feel like you don't belong. This is a place for you to belong, contribute and develop close friendships. Who doesn't want that?