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The Heights Kids exists to help our children to know and follow Jesus. Right now, that looks a lot different than it did a couple months ago. We want you to know that we are on your team, we believe that God is mighty in you, and we believe He has equipped and called you to be the primary disciplers of your children!

Below you will find a guide for leading your children through their very own kids service every Sunday before online church, as well as some additional resources for your time at home.

We believe this is a great opportunity to exemplify that church is not a place, but a body of people. As well, this may be a special chance to engage with your kids– reminding them that we can trust God in any circumstance.

More than anything, we think your best opportunity to show your kids Jesus is in the real stuff of everyday life. There is plenty of that these days! We encourage you to press into this time to be present, honest, and learners alongside your children, as we all figure out how to move forward together. We love you, are praying for you, and can’t wait until we get to see you soon!


Worship at home

We encourage you to take time from 9am – 10am, before our online service begins to have your very own version of The Heights Kids at home! Follow the flow of the directions on this page. We pray this will be a special time for your family! 

Sunday, May 24th 

This week we are aligning with our main service to go through a series on The Promises of God. This week in Heights Kids we are talking about how God promises to work all things together for good. Join us in learning about the consistency and love God has for his children!

The Message: God promises to make all things good in the end.

Bible Passage: Romans 8:28


Start your time by singing along to two of the following worship videos. Dance and sing along together!


Deep Cries Out 

Armor of God 


Next, grab your Bible, and follow along with the video above. Afterward, ask the following questions (modify based on comprehension level), and then spend time with your kids completing today’s activities! (See Activity Sheet and Coloring Sheet downloads above).


Little Kids

What is your favorite thing to do right now?

What is something that you know is really good?

What is something that makes you sad or scared?

Have you ever talked to God about it?

What does God say that He is doing in the world?

What does this mean for your sad or scary thing? Talk as a family about how trusting that God will be good is different than life being (easy) happy all the time.

How do you know that God is doing good things?

Pray through the prayer prompts as a family (below).


Big Kids

What is something that is REALL good? Why is it good?

What is something that makes you sad? Why does it make you sad?

What is something that scares you? Why does it scare you?

What do we know about God from this verse?

How does God work all things together for good?

How is this true even when things are scary or sad?

What do you know about God that you can practice trusting this week?

 Decide as a family how you will incorporate remembering this truth throughout the week. Think: saying a verse at breakfast, praying before bed, putting it on the bathroom mirror, etc.


Practice the Bible memory verse for this unit!

Psalm 107:1

As we work to learn the promises of God, we remember that God’s love lasts forever! Explain to your kids that God has always been good and loving, and he will always continue to be so. Try making up moves as a family to remember the words, and practice it regularly together!


Pray together as a family for the following:

Thank God for who He is


Praise God for what He has done

    1. In our families
    2. In our schools
    3. In our friends’ lives
    4. In keeping us safe + healthy
    5. In giving us resources

Ask God

  1. For protection
  2. That we would know Him more
  3. For _____ to know God more
  4. For what we need

Worship and Dance!

Put these songs on the screen and dance along.


Who You Say I Am

This is Living Now

One Way

Deep Cries Out

Armor of God

have a 

We are happy to answer any questions you
might have about The Heights Kids.