Leader Night at The Heights

Hey Heights leaders! We want to let you in on something that we’re doing in 2023 that we’re so excited about. As leaders in the life of our church, we want to invest in you and equip you to be the best leaders that you can possibly be. This is so important because you all set the tone and the culture for our church. We really believe that its our leaders that make The Heights what it is! 

So, in order to equip you, we’re launching what we’re calling Leader Nights at the Heights. These will be 5 sunday evenings throughout  the year where we will set aside time to worship, pray, and then break off into our different ministry teams to be trained and equipped for the work of ministry.

We cannot overstate how big of a deal these nights will be. We want to personally invite you to all of these nights, and ask that you prioritize being there. We want to ask that you attend at least 4 of the 5 leader nights. The dates are:

Sun, Feb 26 | Sun, Apr 23 | Sun, Jun 11 | Sun, Aug 6 | Sun, Dec 10

You will be getting more details for these nights soon, but for now we just wanted to get the dates to you so you can mark them on your calendar. 

NOTE: For Those of you who serve on multiple teams (ex. CG leader *and* connect team), someone will reach out to you before each night to let you know which group to break off into.


join us Sunday

1477 Columbine St.  |  10:00 AM