Corbin Hobbs - March 20, 2022

Exodus 4 | Here I Am, Send Someone Else

Introspection can be a good thing, but often times in our cultural moment we overestimate the benefits of looking within. In fact, our over-introspection can lead us to being anxious, depressed, and self-deprecating. This is where Moses finds himself as God tries to send him to free the Hebrew people from the Egyptians. Instead of looking at God and what he can do, Moses turns inward towards himself -- and it leads him to defeat.

From Series: "Exodus"

The story of Exodus is in many ways the story of the whole bible. It's a story about who God is, how he has saved us, and how we can enter into life with him. Exodus shows us, through the story of the people of Israel, how God draws us out in order to draw us in.

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