Bryan Barley - December 12, 2021

Luke 2: The Supernatural Power of Normal Faithfulness

We hear so much in our cultural moment about the importance of being someone who changes the world or achieves great things; but when we look at our lives, we often see the exact opposite of greatness: a normal, seemingly insignificant life. The Christmas story gives us a better word than our current culture does on this. When you look at how God chose to usher in his son into the world -- the most significant event in human history -- he chose to work through the normal, mundane, everyday faithfulness of seemingly insignificant people. Listen as Bryan looks through Luke 2 to show us the supernatural power of normal everyday faithfulness.

From Series: "Advent: Good News of Great Joy"

The word Advent means “coming.” For centuries, followers of Jesus have set aside the twenty-five days leading up to Christmas to remember Jesus’ coming and all that he brings. So what does Jesus bring? The angel tells us…great joy. But notice what else the angel says. The great joy that Jesus brings does not come as good advice, but good news. If Jesus just came to bring good advice, that would be one thing. But good news is better than good advice. Tim Keller writes, “Advice is counsel about what you must do. News is a report about what has already been done. Advice urges you to make something happen. News urges you to recognize something that has already happened. Advice says it is all up to you to act. News says someone else has acted.” Jesus did not come and give you good advice that could produce great joy if you keep it. He came and secured great joy for you so that you can receive it.

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