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Listen to Pastor Corbin Hobbs as he describes how the Gospel is at the heart of our faith and our church.

statement of Faith

There is a document buried in my (Corbin) computer that I wrote on an airplane in 2013 where I laid out the original vision for what would become The Heights Church – to be a church in downtown Denver that would multiply disciples of Jesus for the glory of God. I knew, as I wrote that document, that this is what God was calling us to. 
Fast-forward 7 years and the story of The Heights Church is a story of God meeting our little steps of faith with His massive power and faithfulness. Our story starts in August of 2016 with the Bible and some tacos. We started gathering together dreaming of this new church that is centered on the good news of Jesus, takes life in community seriously and lives out the mission of Jesus in everyday life. 
Those 20 people grew to 40 people and before we knew it we were holding public services in Palmer Elementary School by February of 2017. For two years we gathered in this Elementary school auditorium and God grew us into a little toddler church where people were deciding to follow Jesus, living in community, and beginning to live out the mission of Jesus in everyday life. It’s a total miracle. 
In June 2019 we had the incredible opportunity to move into a new permanent home in the heart of the city. As we moved in, we knew God was positioning us to be a faithful witness to Jesus for the long-haul. Our story is simply a story of God taking normal people and doing more than we could ask or imagine. We would love for you to help us write the next chapter.

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We’re happy to talk to you and answer any questions you may have.


We’re happy to talk to you and answer any questions you may have.